White Tara Tantric Codex

The White Tantric Tara Codex symbolizes a vortex, continually flowing into new worlds of creation.  This new pattern releases the slave paradigm from this planetary reality and allows intergalactic souls to cycle through embodiments in human form without karmic entanglement. By removing the “carcer” or prison symbol from the traditional tantric necklace, which keeps souls cycling through this planetary reality, we allow for the freedom of the souls that chose to experience this as their last lifetime here on earth.

The new codex is comprised of 33 Rudraksha seeds and 231 crystal beads. The 33 Rudraksha seeds symbolize:

  • 21 expressions of Tara, the liberator

  • 5 elements (space, fire, earth, air, water)

  • 3 body, speech, mind

  • 3 light, frequency, vibration

  • 1 living embodiment of guru

Mantra to be recited 33 times with the codex for liberation of self and all sentient beings:


Translation: The primal mother bodhisattva swiftly clears obstacles with compassion, good health, wisdom, and basic goodness. This power is always increasing.

Divination Alchemy Necklaces17.jpg

21 Aspects of Tara:

1. Tara is swift protection

2. Tara is creative wisdom

3. Tara is impeccable virtue

4. Tara is all victorious

5. Tara is sublime intelligence

6. Tara is worthy of honor

7. Tara is invincible courage

8. Tara is the destroyer of negativity

9. Tara is true refuge

10. Tara is joy and laughter

11. Tara is the distributor of wealth

12. Tara is auspicious beauty

13. Tara is irresistible truth

14. Tara is ferocious compassion

15. Tara is serene peace

16. Tara is the destroyer of attachment

17. Tara is triumphant joy

18. Tara is the transformer of poison

19. Tara is the remover of sorrow

20. Tara is radiant health

21. Tara is complete enlightenment