Eclipse and Equinox Integration Angelic Transmission Video

Energy Ascension Update

Angelic Transmission channeled by Jackie O'Shea

The waves of energy that are streaming to the planet at this time of alignment during your spring equinox and eclipse cycle, are meant to shake out those lower density vibrations that are no longer needed at this time. You may experience increasing duality as negativity leaves your system. It is normal to feel dizzy, nauseous, disoriented, confused, tired, with new perspective, emotional, distraught, elated, and to vacillate between extremes. You are being upgraded to a new energy level, a higher vibrational state where the acceleration of time continues to be experienced. We are proud of you for integrating the energetic upgrades that continue to stream to your planet. There is no stoping the transformation underway. Continue to work with the energies of transformation, letting go of what is no longer necessary in your lives, what represents an old definition of self, and instead direct your energy current, intention, velocity and momentum towards those higher aims and goals which you chose to embody. Focus on those things that you have received images of in your minds eye, but which feel too far off or outlandish to even consider them a possible reality in your future timeline. All is possible. Go, reach and stretch for new heights. You are being given the energy of transformation.There is no need to get stuck in old patterns and false illusions. Use the minds eye to see clearly the path forward. Receive the energetic upgrades and the downloads of new information and conscious thought and take them as blueprints for the future. Blueprints for the future you are creating that will support and sustain the whole in a time of transformation. Sometimes transformation can look like crisis, and other times energetic shifts can happen with ease. The perspective required in order to experience ease and grace is one of higher consciousness and devotion. Devotion to something larger than oneself to a mission or higher calling, allowing one to transcend the karmic struggles or entrapments and push forward into the light. 

There are different opportunities for greatness that you can chose to embody. But strength and determination is required. Having the physical stamina, the physical exercise practice, the sound nutrition and self nourishing sleep patterns than can sustain you is vital as you bring your great work to the world. You won’t be able to hold the velocity of your greatness unless you are caring for yourself through your diet and nutrition, meditation and yogic practices, and other activities that replenish and nourish your inner connection to the cosmos. Strengthen your nervous system and your capacity to handle your dharmic destiny and the new reality that is unfolding seamlessly in front of you. 

Receiving energetic upgrades from your team of angels and spirits watching over you is another way to integrate the transition of the time. Lying down when you feel you need a rest rather than pushing through to exhaustion, allows the space for your guardian angels and support team to do their work of helping you transform. They can help you by releasing the denser energy vibrations and emotions, clearing and making space for higher consciousness focused on creative intent. There are many opportunities before you to integrate the higher waves of light and energy that are streaming to your planet. There are different opportunities for you to begin to work with these energies in a creative and loving way. There is no need to bash your head against the wall in frustration with your own karmic ties or your own subconscious tendencies.  Approach every new obstacle from the opposite perspective than you have previously. Taking the opposite perspective and making an alternate choice clears the karmas or energy reverberations and patterns from past actions. 

Allow yourself to embrace life opportunities as they are handed to you. Don’t shy away from receiving the abundant path towards greatness that you are asked to walk in this lifetime. Just because you are scared or unsure or shy or have absolutely no idea how you are going to manifest the visions you are being given of your future life and potential, BEGIN. Step by step you will be shown the way, with conscious intent and intuitive guidance the path will unfold seamlessly in front you. Trust step by step, you can’t see the whole pathway from the beginning of the road, but have faith that the road leads to your highest destination if you maintain that intention in your mind and heart. 

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