Align with your Higher Self and Life Purpose

I know what it feels like to be in deep internal conflict, to have your day to day job and life not be a true reflection of your soul, consciousness, and the life you desire to live. I remember pulling myself out of bed in the mornings for a hellish commute to a stale office that my entire body resisted being in, only to have my sense of self diminished as I was treated as less than the purely divine and authentic being that I am. If you can relate to this deep internal conflict between the way your life looks now and the higher calling of your soul, then I would love to work with you to help you transform your life to be in alignment with your higher self.

Sharing your unique gifts with the world can be scary, I know I’ve been there. So much fear, doubt, and hesitation comes up right before we make a big leap or change. I can work with you to begin to loosen the subconscious tendencies and patterns that keep you stuck repeating the same cycles of discontentment, so that you have the strength and inner resolve to pursue your highest dreams and visions. 

I had so much fear around money and supporting myself while doing my life work. My ego was completely attached to the status of my corporate job and I thought my family wouldn’t love me if I left my job. I was terrified of leaping into the unknown of starting my own business, following the longing of my soul, and vulnerably sharing my gifts in a visible way. But at a certain point the pain, discontentment, and frustration of going to work everyday was in such stark contrast to the joy and energy I felt when in alignment with my soul, that I knew I had to make the leap. Having the help of a teacher and mentor made the shift possible for me, and I would love to be that person for you. 

Over the course of six weeks we will work together to get clear on your higher path and contribution to the world, and dissolve the resistances and patterns keeping you from fully stepping onto that path.

The Align with Your Higher Self and Life Purpose Package costs $650. During our sessions together you will be supported in:

  • Having clarity on your higher mission and purpose
  • Feeling calm, centered, and peaceful 
  • Transitioning to be in alignment with your higher self and destiny

Imagine... people feeling grateful for your work. Imagine a rewarding career, being able to support yourself and bring your life's work and soul's calling to the world. Imagine being able to set your own schedule, having the freedom to live a life that deeply nourishes your soul. Imagine how rewarding and peaceful it will feel to be in alignment with your higher self all of the time.

The Align with Your Higher Self and Life Purpose Package consists of three 2 hour healing and angelic guidance sessions over the course of 6 weeks. An additional session is also included whenever needed after the course of our time together to help you break through any blocks and resistances that come up as you fully step into alignment with your higher path and destiny. 

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