Japa Mala

The 108/109 beads of the traditional japa mala symbolizes the following attributes:

  • 100 deities (each with a feminine and masculine aspect)

  • 5 elements (space, fire, earth, air, water)

  • 3 body, speech, mind

  • 1 living embodiment of guru

Japa Mala

Tantric Necklace

The Tantric Necklace is comprised of 16 symbols and can be utilized as a divination tool. The 16 symbols are depicted below. The tantric force field of the planet remains trapped within the traditional tantric necklace pattern.

This pattern has been recoded into the White Tantric Tara Codex to allow souls to flow freely through the earth without karmic entanglement. This new pattern releases the slave paradigm from this planetary reality and allows intergalactic souls to cycle through embodiments within human form. By removing the “carcer” or prison symbol, which keeps souls cycling through this planetary reality, we allow for the freedom of the souls that chose to leave the incarnate reality on planet earth.

tantric necklace codex.jpg

16 Geomantic Symbols of the Tantric Necklace