Spring Rejuvenation Retreat in Nosara, Costa Rica

                           March 19-25, 2017                       

The Spring Equinox is a time of rebalancing and recentering. When the days and night are equal in length, it is time to come back into touch with our divine nature and essence, so that we have the strength, grace, and determination to bring our best selves to the world. Join for this time of recentering and going inward, so that we can emerge healthy, vibrant, and powerful. 

Enjoy daily kundalini yoga practice, evening meditations, lovely accommodations, and healthy vegetarian meals, all included to help support you during a week of transformation, reflection, rest, and renewal.



Early Morning: Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Class
Morning: Breakfast

Late Morning: Personal Development Workshops and Kundalini Yoga, topics include Vitality, Beauty, Relationships, Life Purpose, and Intuitive Development

Noon: Healthy Lunch
Afternoon: Swim in the ocean, shop in town, sight seeing
Evening: Vegetarian Dinner
Evening Post Dinner: Meditation 


We will be staying at Nosara Retreat, a beautiful and rustic retreat center in the jungle, a short walk from the pacific ocean. Many activities are available in the afternoons. 



Early Bird: $1,500 if you sign up before February 15

Email jackie.oshea.lauber@gmail.com, avamilva@gmail.com, and happyluba@gmail.com with questions.  

About Jackie and Ava:


Jackie O'Shea (Onkarjeet Kaur)  is an Angelic Channel and healer who helps to align people with their destiny path. She left a successful career in investment banking to follow her soul’s longing and help people align with their higher selves in order to bring about personal and collective societal transformation. She believes everyone can fully embody their higher selves, share their greater gifts with the world, and consistently stay in the flow of synchronicity and miracles, by utilizing kundalini yogic technology. She is a Level 1 and Level 2 KRI Certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher and she loves sharing with others the kundalini yogic technology that transformed her life from the inside out. 

Ava Milva (Sunderta Kaur) is a Kundalini Yoga Level 1 and 2 certified teacher and she has a passion for healing and uplifting through her work. She is also currently exploring the powerful sound current of the Kundalini Yoga mantra music and is working with it as a way to elevate and direct energy in a powerful way. Ava has experienced huge shifts and miracles in her own life thanks to her Kundalini yoga and meditation practice and loves to share that knowledge with those who are seeking to reclaim their own power and get aligned with their highest destiny as well as develop stronger connection to their higher self. 



The two international airports in Costa Rica are: Liberia International Airport (LIR) and San Jose International Airport (SJO). Both airports have frequent flights to and from all over the United States and Canada.

We highly recommend flying into Liberia, which has been recently expanded with increased numbers of flights from the US and Canada. It is only a two-hour scenic drive from Nosara Costa Rica, and has become a destination of many non-stop flights from several US cities.

Shuttles run can be arranged several times during the day from/to Liberia. We will arrange your arriving and departing shuttles. It is a scenic two-hour drive.

You should plan to be at the airport two hours before your flight’s departure. For home bound flights we recommend that you plan ample connection time and give yourself at least 4 hours from leaving Nosara to make your departing international flight.

Travel Documents:

Citizen of the US, Canada, and Panama may enter Costa Rica with a passport that remains valid at least 6 months after your travel date. A valid passport allows Canadian, American, as well as most Latin American, and European citizens to stay for up to 90 days. Citizens of other countries may require a visa to enter Costa Rica. Before you go to Costa Rica, please make a copy of your passport, which you will need to carry with you.


Any extra spending while being in Nosara i.e. for activities like surf lessons, horseback riding, canopy tours, can be charged on your credit card. Therefore we recommend not bringing too much extra cash from home (a maximum of US $500 should be sufficient). Please bring extra cash for gratuities. The US Dollar is widely accepted in Costa Rica, so exchanging US Dollars to Costa Rica Colones is not necessary. Smaller denominations of $20 or less are easiest to cash. The exchange rate is approximately 500 Colones per US Dollar. There is an ATM machine and bank, which is a 10-minute drive from Nosara Retreat. The ATM and Bank only accept VISA Cards and disperse Costa Rica Colones.

Packing List:

Beach-towel, Camera/charger, sunscreen, sun hat, bathing suit, water bottle, bug repellent, medications, flashlight, durable hiking sandals, and jeans for horseback riding.

All rooms have:

Fans, plenty of windows, fresh ocean air, private bathrooms, hot water showers, and free WiFi.

Join us to energize, strengthen, and revitalize yourself. 

Email jackie.oshea.lauber@gmail.com, avamilva@gmail.com, and happyluba@gmail.com with questions and to reserve your space.