New Moon in Taurus

The new moon in Taurus on Friday marks one year since I left my banking career to start a business as a channel and healer. It hasn’t always been easy, there has been a lot of subconscious beliefs to be cleared, and a lot of paths to follow with just faith. But I wake up every morning extremely grateful for my life and the opportunity to follow my higher calling. Every day in banking I would question and regret what I was doing with my life. It is scary sometimes to live with the unknown of how things will work out, but it also makes every new opportunity and synchronicity feel like a miracle. I get to live in a world full of miracles every day. 

The new moon in Taurus is all about prosperity. The Taurus bull is the iconic symbol for Merrill Lynch, my old employer. While I was certainly accumulating material wealth while there, I really started feeling prosperous when I finally reclaimed my life and started living it on my own terms. Every day feels so abundantly full because I take nothing for granted. Yogi Bhajan said "Prosperity is a state produced immediately by the mind. When the sun comes out of the clouds, everything is lit. When the mind comes out of duality, prosperity is there.”  

I recorded a prosperity meditation for you from the kundalini tradition, Gyan Chakra Kriya ( I was practicing it daily when I first started my business, and attribute some of my early success to this meditation. My first month channeling full time, I brought in more cash flow than I would have working in banking. There is no conflict between my soul and my life anymore. One of the most rewarding aspects of practicing kundalini daily, is having the energy to just be myself and not feel the cultural pressures that I once felt to go against the longing of my soul. 

Here is a channeled Angelic message for this time. The intention that I set for every message I channel is to serve the people that will receive it. 

There is an infinite amount of supply and abundance for you to partake in, there is never a need to fear or worry for any lack. Only when you perceive the obstacles and barriers as blessings in disguise will you begin to acknowledge the full bounty of your life here on earth. Each struggle and barrier is only a moment in time when you are growing in appreciation and desire for that which you don’t currently have, only making the moment of sweetness that much richer when you do find yourself in those moments of pleasure and gratitude for that which is bestowed upon you in this lifetime. 

You are infinite consciousness embodied in human form. Never doubt the significance of your own human incarnation. You are abundant beyond worlds of possibilities. There is nothing that could hold you back from learning your lessons with grace through the cycles of time and embodying all that you are in every moment of this waking human incarnation. Don’t doubt or lose faith in the presence of your angels, your team of supporters, with you always. They will always respond when called to help your every need. They only need your permission at times to interfere with the path you have outlayed and chosen to live at any given moment. 

There is no need to worry dear one, all is complete and holy and good. There is no need to fear what will come in the next part of the story. All is divinely laid out out and written by one hand, the hand of god, of higher conciouness, of infinite potential. 

In honor of my first year in business, I’m offering discounted $200 personal healing and angelic channeling sessions for the month of May. Available remotely and in person, to help align you with your higher path and receive clarity from your guides and angels. Email me at with questions and to schedule. 

Love and Blessings,