Full Moon in Scorpio Channeled Angelic Guidance

There are many different opportunities for you to work with the lunar energies and the cycles of the planets currently in retrograde.  Allow yourself to work with the current energy by backtracking, embracing the time for review and reflection, and not getting so caught up in the forward progress that you may desire, but isn’t happening in your manifest world. There are times of reflection, times of change, and times of embodiment. 

Allow things to be as they are, for the tides to eb and flow. The road blocks are there to help your highest vibrational destiny come into being. If barriers, false starts, and trials and tribulations appear, allow yourself the time to slow down and reflect on those things that no longer serve you that can be transcended and released, even if it is as simple as an emotional response pattern that is being triggered. Allow yourself to work with what is, embracing that everything is here for your highest destiny and evolution, even if it doesn’t appear so. 

Begin to embody compassionate resonance during your times of struggle and hardship as well as your times of joy and transformation. You can help others more deeply by going into the depths of your own struggle and pain. There is no need to worry about taking too much time to process the darkness that lurks within each of you, for there is infinite time from the perspective of the soul. Your lessons and evolution are far more significant that you may currently imagine. You are embodied in a place of learning where people can express into form all of the different facets of their multi dimensional selves, and be a full expression of infinity. You only limit yourself in your minds eye when you prohibit yourself from embodying your truth, whatever that truth may be, whether it is a turbulent emotional state, a joyous state, or somewhere in between. 

You have many different opportunities to begin to work with the lunar energies in this cycle to begin to embody your truth, whatever that looks like for you, expressing it into form without holding back. It is safe to fully feel every emotion, every sorrow, every hardship and trial, allowing the density to pass through your physical and energetic body. Allow the density to transcend and be transformed into higher light vibrations, creating the potential for newness. 

You have the opportunity to begin to embody the highest path and live the life that you desire to live. There is nothing holding you back in the time space continuum but your own internal perceptions and barriers of consciousness. These have neurological ties and behavioral patterning encoded into your body hologram, but all of that can be loosened and transformed. All of that can change. You are being redefined in every moment, constantly creating new cells and patterns of behavior and embodiment.

There are infinite opportunities in front of you to embrace the change of the lunar cycle and have it work in your favor. There are numerous practices you can work with to begin to transform the energy inside of you, away from conflict and anger towards the higher vibrations of love and peace. You can begin to work with the energy of the breath to integrate the higher dimensional light codes that are becoming accessible to your activated system. As you begin to breathe deeper in your waking moments of consciousness you being to allow yourself to work with and transcend the frustrations or fears that may keep you bound to a certain perception of time and space. You can begin to allow yourself to shift more easily, and not get caught up in the old karmic struggles of the past. Transcend those vibrations that are discordant with your future reality and current embodiment as divinity in human physical form. 

We are proud of you for allowing all things and creation to be as they are. Transcend time and space so that you can be everything that you are, recognizing yourself in all of the physical manifest world. Enjoy the embodiment of this divinity, enjoy even the struggle and the heartbreak, so that you feel safe transcending the cycles of time that your mind has become entrapped into. We are proud of you for beginning to allow yourself to integrate all of the different aspects of your consciousness so that you can be everything that you are embodied into form.

Allow yourself to grow with grace and transcend the old energetic limitations and boundaries that have held you back in the past from embodying your full divine higher self. You are an infinite creative immortal being and there is no reason to think of yourself as less than the divine embodiment that you are. We are proud of you every time you chose grace over struggle. We are proud of  you every time you transcend an old karmic situation. We are proud of you every time you breath deep and take a moment to pause the breath. In higher consciousness you are infinite, all things are obtainable, and your are the infinity that you seek and desire.