Aries New Moon

The New Moon in Aries heralds a time of transition and change. After integrating the eclipse energy and allowing transformation to occur, you are seeing the world with new perspective. You have the ability to chose to act with grace and higher consciousness, opening the doorways that are there for you. There are many different opportunities for you to chose struggle or to chose peace. 

There are multiple ways to approach this New Moon in Aries

1) You can continue to hold onto the old timelines that appeared to be playing out before the eclipses occurred. Holding onto these old visions and stories can create much pain and confusion.

2) You can embrace the higher change and current, allowing deep integration into your cellular being of the transition that has occurred on your planet. There is an opportunity to integrate further and use the energy of the new moon to transcend the previously held limitations you have held in your mind’s eye, by letting go of what the future needs to look like, having faith, following the steps your intuitive self leads you to follow, and accepting the grace that results.

There are many different opportunities for your growth and happiness to evolve at ever increasing speeds. There is a time of shift and change happening on your planet, a great potential for you to open wider to a more conscious, happy reality. There are many different opportunities for you to begin to expand your awareness wider than the current possibilities that you see at hand. This is a time to think and dream grander than your previous imagination. 

We are proud of you for integrating into your light bodies, the new levels of consciousness and evolution that are streaming to and developing on your planet. You may have experienced tiredness and exhaustion during the integration period, and may continue to do so going forward. The result of evolution and integration is more of your expanded whole self being embodied in human physical form. Your extra sensory DNA is being continually upgraded so that you can continue to awaken to highened levels of consciousness, not just in meditative states of knowing, but also embodied states of waking reality. 

You will have the perceptive ability to generate your desired reality much more instantaneously that you currently experience. You are being fine tuned to integrate new levels of light consciousness so that you can seamlessly embody your higher self in your waking conscious state of being. Synchronicities and opportunities will be seamlessly presented in front of you. You are being fine tuned so that you always move in rhythm and flow with the universal pulse, and there is no hesitation that keeps you from the stream of abundance and prosperity that is your birth right. 

The period of integration, of feeling your density, so that it can be fully delt with, released, and transcended is a necessary part of the process. It is difficult to move and vibrate at such a high speed and velocity when you carry baggage and the heaviness of denser energy burdens in your emotional and physical bodies. It is safe to allow yourself the time and space to integrate the new waves of light consciousness that are streaming into your reality, by treating yourself with care, taking long baths, and long walks, allowing yourself to nap and rest, and being gentle with yourself above all else. 

All of the pushing and the fuss and competition can be released and transcended. Slow down enough to get in touch, listen to your inner voice of what desires to be experienced in any given moment, and follow that inclination despite any preconceived notions of what you should be doing with your time productively. Sometimes you can skip whole cycles of struggle and confusion and betrayal simply by slowing down enough to understand and hear your own internal truth and follow its guidance to beautiful manifestation and creation. It isn't always clear where the path will lead to, that’s the point, have faith. Your journey is unfolding seamlessly infront of you and there are millions of potential timelines you could chose to experience. Slow down enough so that you can chose the highest prosperous journey with grace, without needing to get caught in the old conceptions of the spinning mind that keep you held to certain timeframes and ways of being. 

Embrace your highest destiny current, by letting go of what your future needs to look like in order for you to feel “success.” Transcend the old boundaries and restrictions of needing to accomplish independently, and allow yourself to be support by universal creation embodied in others.