Ascension Waves and Super Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse

The super blood moon lunar eclipse on September 27th is the forth in a series of four blood moons, and has been heralded as a time of transformation on the planet. This moon coincides with a wave of high frequency energy that is streaming to the planet. We are being given the opportunity to let go of the denser realities and identities that no longer serve us and ground more light into our physical beings. 

The photon particles which will be passing through the earth on September 28 are a large wave of energy following many smaller waves of energy that have been passing through the planet, activating portions of our DNA, tuning us into extra sensory capabilities and allowing us to embody our higher selves if we are willing to let go of our old egoic definitions of self. 

This energy allows us to shift to a higher dimensional reality if we chose to let go of the denser vibrations of fear and confusion and begin to embody our higher calling, moving in sync and rhythm with the universe, allowing synchronicity to create our reality and put us in connection with those who are vibrating at a similar energetic frequencyand who can help co-create our highest intentions at this time. This ascension wave of energy will reach peak intensity on September 28th. After this date we will be integrating the frequency shift, energized so that we can embody our highest selves and bring our life’s work to the world. 

Below is a channeled message from my spirit guides helping to guide us during this time of transition and change:

“The acceleration of your planet is reaching such a breaking point that your consciousness will be expanded wide open. The rate of evolution of your species is being viewed by an intergalactic community of beings that are helping to support your transition on the earth plane. They are present with you stabilizing your energy fields, allowing you to integrate the light into your bodies at the rate which is appropriate for you. 

We want you to begin to embody your highest calling and aptitude at this time. You all came here with a direct mission in this incarnation to embody your greatness fully. You have specific intentions that you made prior to your incarnation, now is the time to deliver on those intentions and commitments, and come into greater alignment with your highest self and way of being. 

We are proud of you for beginning to align by changing you diet, thought patterns, and habits to begin to embody more light in your physical being. Much work has been done to let go of the denser energy and stress that has held you back in this incarnation from manifesting your greatness. There is a new time upon the earth now where you are desiring to live in peace and harmony with one another, to shift your way of being towards compassionate understanding, to begin to ease the tension that has dominated cultural understanding in your reality. 

We want you to begin to trust the calling of your own soul, the intuition and guidance that you receive in subtle whispers. We want you to know that your sense of fulfillment and success upon passing through this incarnation, will be based on your following of those whispers and higher inclinations. You have the full ability to embody greatness in this incarnation and there is nothing that should or can hold you back from embodying and living your dreams fully. We are proud of you for beginning to align your energy current with the higher dimensional reality and higher dimensional frequencies. We are proud of you every time you take a step in the right direction, following your soul, spirit, and inner guidance system. We want you to know that your life can be full of ease and divine rapture, that you can continue to embark upon a lifetime of ease and joy by following the higher current and higher stream of your own knowing, beginning to trust and understand that there is a divine plan of ascension and shift that is occurring in your physical reality and that you are all a part of the change in this great cycle. We are proud of you for being at the forefront of the shift in consciousness and learning to embody the higher truths even if they aren't popularly accepted by the mass culture. You are at the forefront of the changes, the leaders and change makers of the Aquarian Age. 

The time is now to awaken and embody your highest energy current and destiny stream, the time is now to trust your divine guidance and inner knowing. We are proud of you every time you embody your highest self and ground light into your human physical form. It is a divine process of ascension that is happening on the human plane and we are incredibly proud of your participation in it.”