Ascent 2015 - August 31, 2015

The movement of the heart energy outwards and the increasing particle frequency are bringing up deep wounds for healing. Go with the flow today and maintain your highest vibrations and intentions in all endeavors. Love yourself unconditionally and all will be well. You are being taught how to navigate in the dark with your eyes closed and only your intuitive facilities to rely upon. It is a divine process of awakening that you are undergoing. The currents of energy streaming to the planet at the current time are allowing the frequency of energy current to evolve to such a breaking point that your consciousness will be expanded wide open. We want to instill within you the vibrational frequency of truth, light, and higher understanding, higher consciousness. We want you to begin to embody and awaken the light codes in your DNA such that you begin to vibrate in resonance with the divine and all of creation. We don’t want you to experience so much duality in your existence but shift your perception to see above the duality, where all is holy and good.