Yogi B's Birthday - August 26, 2015 11:44am

There are many different opportunities for you to embody greatness fully. There are different opportunities that present themselves in multiple facets.  Distinguishing the opportunity for growth and the lesson presenting itself is your life's work. You have the full ability to embody greatness in many different forms. You have different opportunities to allow greatness to flow through your body and out into form, into the cosmos. There are different ways for you to perceive challenges and obstacles that allow for your growth and blossoming in many different facets of your being. Don’t become discouraged because the pathway isn’t completely clear. Part of not knowing is learning to find the path forward by using your different perceptive abilities, other than the rational mind. 

Allow yourself to breath into the abundance that already exists in your life. There is no reason to fear. You already have everything that you need, wish, and desire. There is no reason to fear, all is already provided for. You simply need to grasp and embody the new energy field of the person you are already becoming and all will be well. You are divine, embody that energy current fully. Allow yourself to be your highest self always. There is no reason to fall back into an old vibrational current or way of being. You are divine, own it and embody it fully.