New Moon in Sagittarius

We want you to embrace abundance in all of is aspects and avenues, as new opportunities present themselves, feel free to go in a new direction than you have before. There is no need to worry or wonder about if what you are doing is correct. Allow yourself to embrace the path ahead of you and trust that where it leads you should follow. There is nothing wrong about being unsure or having hesitations, however we recommend consciously working with that energy to embrace your highest self in this incarnation. You are letting go of much density in matter in the  physical energetic plane, and it is important to keep your self refreshed and replenished with new vibrancy and awareness. We are proud of you for continuing on your path wholeheartedly, not always knowing the way it will lead and the exact twists and turns that the road will take. Stick to your ever-present awareness that consciousness is evolving, humanity is evolving, the veils are being lifted, you are growing beyond your wildest dreams and imagination. There is no need to fear the future, but rather trust that you embody your greatness in the future completely. Allow yourself to breath though any fear and tension, allowing it to dissipate in your minds eye, and leave due to your pure intention and heart. We are proud of you for continuing to work through the obstacles which face you, knowing that they are simply lessons on your journey ahead. We are proud of you for continuing to work though all obstacles, blocks, and barriers to your greatest success and contribution in this lifetime. We are proud of you. We understand the difficulties that an earthly body presents, and how easy it is to get caught up in things of a trivial nature. Tame your mind, conquer the world, and all things shall be at your feet for your joy and appreciation. There is no need to fear giving to another or hold any hesitation in your heart, the joy that others experience in this lifetime is your own joy compounded. Always consciously share your blessings with those who surround you.