New Moon Destiny Portal on 11/11

Stay in resonance with your truth, and let the world mirror your vibration.

Dear Love,

As we approach the 11/11 New Moon destiny portal on Wednesday, we are being asked to clear out anything that no longer serves us. The frequency of the entire planet has shifted, and it is becoming easier to create with intention and watch your physical world respond to your inner world, to your vibration. Everything that is created in physical form is first created in the ether before it manifests physically. Use this new moon to set powerful intentions, allowing your external world to match and be attracted by the vibrational resonance of your soul and inner world. 

Check out my latest video where I channel my spirit guides, who teach on the new vibrations in human consciousness. As the earth shifts to a higher frequency vibration, we shift to experience new perceptions of reality. We are now creating from a space of no time, where our creations are already existent and being brought into physical form. Embrace not knowing, but having faith. Be compassionate with others who are not opening to the frequency shift as quickly as you are. Higher consciousness is experienced as new frequencies and energetic shifts are absorbed and integrated at the cellular and DNA level. Embrace your new destiny path, even if it is just maintaining your increased vibration of truth. New pathways form step by step. Create based on vibration, not through the mind. Your experience can be more joyful in this incarnation. The full pathway ahead isn't always perceptible by the mind’s eye. Stay in harmony with your own divine nature. There is no need to struggle. Stay in resonance with your truth and attract the rest of creation and human consciousness that is in resonance with your own soul. 

Check out the New Video: Create your Reality in Vibrational Resonance with your Soul, at the following link:

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Stay in resonance with your truth, and let the world mirror your vibration. 

Lots of love,