Creating the Reality You Desire

In this video Jackie O'Shea communicates guidance from her angels on how we are a time of transition and change on the planet. There are new developments in consciousness. We are in the process of growing, changing, and evolving, and sometimes it can feel like things are falling apart. But sometimes not knowing is the easiest way to find the way forward. As you are trying to grow, old thought forms need to be dissolved. The dissolution is necessary and there is no need to rush the process. There are many different ideas you could create, and not all of those ideas will come to fruition. You’ll plant many different seeds and the time might be right for some to grow. At the time of planting, it can be difficult to tell which seeds will take. There are many supporters, adversaries, and peers that project certain ideas and realities. Don’t get sidetracked by someone else's reality. Work with the creative energy. You are divinity incarnate. The path being created before you can’t be comprehended from where you are currently. Allow divine guidance and synchronicity to guide your path. The sweetness of today is just as important as the harvest of tomorrow. You have been given barriers in your mind of what you can embody. You have the divine capacity to create many worlds and realities. There is always an opportunity for change and adventure in small ways. It only takes one individual and experience to shift an incarnation. After you have passed out of this incarnation and realize how much freedom you had there will be moments that you look back on and question. Operate from faith and trust, not stuck in the roles you have been expected to play. See yourself as the expansive reality of the cosmos. Recognize the highest divinity in yourself and others. There is no true separation or boundary. Dissolve barriers and conceptions of being an individual. Open the heart space and heart chakra and dissolve any remaining darkness. Open to a larger expansive reality, knowing the potential of being hurt, and opening anyway. Dissolve old belief systems in you. As seasons change, lifestyles change. Work with this energy and appreciate what is. Don’t work from a place of frustration and anger, but rather shift your energy current. Free the energy that has been trapped in the lower chakras and allow it to flow into the upper chakras. When you focus on a lower vibration, you step out of the universal flow. Rely on your tools of higher consciousness. One shift in a belief system can rewrite the holographic reality and your experience on the earth plane. You have the power to restructure the holographic universe that you experience day to day.