Jaclyn O’Shea Lauber is a mystic and healer, who has studied in many different esoteric spiritual traditions and woven them together into the living alchemy that is her life.

Jaclyn transmits a healing vibration of love and unity consciousness. She studied extensively in the kundalini yoga lineage and taught on the east and west coasts of the US for several years. She embodies the balance of the holy trinity, stabilizing unity consciousness and aspects of the universal self embodied within a human being. She has integrated the light and dark aspects of the feminine and masculine to be at peace with herself and brothers and sisters across the planet and galaxies.

She has integrated the light and dark aspects of survival of the human species on this planet through her work as both an Environmentalist and Peace advocate as well as her time as an Energy & Power Corporate & Investment Banking Associate. She understands that the perspectives of all people are valid and that being able to experience all perspectives within a situation leads to embodied wisdom and unity consciousness.

Jaclyn loves her home on Kauai Hawaii, where she feels at peace with the natural world, and she is also grateful to visit her home on the East Coast of the Mainland USA, in New York City, New Jersey, and Connecticut. She has love and compassion for all beings and prays for all beings to experience universal love and peace.

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